Hey folks, and welcome to Doors of Petrichor. Like it says, this party’s about sad shit and animals who say ‘cunt’ a lot. If that’s not your thing, I’d recommend getting over it pretty quick or your gonna miss the party.

Anybutt, this story we’re about to dive into ‘Bad Tater’ is actually the second ever DoP story I put together. It was born during the summer of 2014 while I was trying to keep myself sane and learn how to ink using pens and markers. It’s a little weird, and goes kind of fever-dream towards the end, but stick with me. It’ll be a fun ride.

I’ll be updating, oh, once a week or so for a while. Then, when I get settled, I’d like to move to twice a week. Gotta aim high, folks. Aim high.

So sit back, relax, and let’s get dis done.